Powerful Virtual Desktops with GPUs

Looking for the best Virtual Desktops that work flawlessly? You’ve just found your guys! Auxilio offers you the solutions you’ve been searching for because:

  • We use NVIDIA RTX 6000 GPUs 
  • We have dedicated GPU servers with unlimited bandwidth
  • Come rain or shine, our servers are never down
  • You have packages from 16 to 64 vCPU Cores

And most importantly

  • Our prices are low and worth it
  • You can start from 1$ / hour right away


And you should use a GPU Virtual Desktop because…

  • A GPU-based server is faster and more efficient than the CPU-based one
  • It offers a better user experience
  • You don’t have to lose sleep over not working applications

Key Features

We offer four packages so that you to choose the most suitable for you.

Auxilio is the game-changer that you definitely need.

Our high-quality services will blow your mind.

It’s like your own desktop, but better

Using Auxilio is like your PC just received a super upgrade in 1 second. You have the same functionalities of a normal Windows, just infinite times faster, because we’re using the NVIDIA RTX 6000 GPUs.

The advantages of choosing our Virtual Desktops

You can access your Virtual Desktop from any device, which is one of Auxilio’s superpowers.

You data is backed-up daily, which means that we don’t play with fire.

Friendly support 24/7, just in case you need something.

You can choose the payment method: hourly or monthly. Pay as you wish and save lots of money!

With us, you are on the safe side, which means that your data is secured and protected.

Don’t simply take our word. Check yourself:

Dedicated Virtual Machines with Nvidia RTX 6000 GPUs

Minimum duration is 1 Hour. Create your Virtual Private Cloud account and deploy in seconds.

Use any VM for a duration of at least 1 hour. Pay only for what you use. Unlimited bandwidth.

Have you heard yet…?

You can access your Virtual Desktop server from anywhere in the world.

Excited about Auxilio?