Servers with 1 to 8 GPUs for Deep Learning and HPC

We provide servers that are specifically designed for machine learning and deep learning purposes. Affordable Linux virtual machines with a robust set of tools to help you build and train models.

Cloud platform for Rendering, Virtual Desktops, Gaming and Machine Learning model training.

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Virtual Workstation with Nvidia RTX 6000 GPU

Simple Monthly Subscription. Get it while in beta as hardware goes away fast.

320 Hours Reasonable Usage Monthly. All type of jobs and programs are permitted.

How does compares to other Cloud GPU providers?

We offer superior resources for 30% less.

Our GPUs are built on the NVIDIA Turing™ architecture and are paired with Intel® Xeon® Gold Processors.

Optimal price-performance for GPU workloads

Our GPU compute Q Instances are up to 30% cheaper than alternatives on AWS or Google Cloud, while providing more resources, unlimited bandwidth and free storage included.

p2.xlarge4.112496112GB GDDR5NVIDIA® Tesla® K80Kepler (2014)$0.9000/h$648/mo
c2-standard-16 + NVIDIA® K80 GPUs4.112496112GB GDDR5NVIDIA® Tesla® K80Kepler (2014)$1.2852/h$925/mo
Q.4xlarge16.314608124GB GDDR6NVIDIA Quadro
RTX 6000
Turing (2018)$0.5/h$360/mo
p2.8xlarge4.11 x82496x8812GB GDDR5 x8NVIDIA® Tesla® K80Kepler (2014)$7.200/h$5184/mo
c2-standard-60 + 8x NVIDIA® K80 GPUs4.11 x82496x8812GB GDDR5 x8NVIDIA® Tesla® K80Kepler (2014)$6.7321/h$4847/mo
Q16.xlarge16.31 x8 4608 x8824GB GDDR6 x8NVIDIA Quadro
RTX 6000
Turing (2018)$4/h$2880/mo

Innovative & Affordable Infrastructure

Dedicated CPU

Dedicated Intel® Xeon® Gold 6240R 2.10 GHz processors with 24 cores, 48 threads and 35.75MB Cache that use Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost).

GPU Compute

Nvidia Quadro RTX™ 6000 powered by the NVIDIA Turing™ architecture and the NVIDIA RTX™ platform for complex deep learning or 3D graphics workloads.

RAM and Storage

Increased memory configurations for up to 480GB RAM and 1TB SSD Storage. Additional volume storage is available on request, ranging from 1TB to 10TB.

Open Cloud with No Lock-in

Auxilio AI does not lock you in with proprietary tools, services and custom APIs. You are free to train and take your data easily, anywhere and anytime.

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