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Dedicated Virtual PCs with Nvidia RTX 6000 GPU

Priced per hour for Cloud Gaming

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How does Auxilio compares to other Cloud Gaming providers?

We offer superior resources for 20% less.

Our Gaming VMs have the latest GPUs built on the NVIDIA Turing™ architecture and are paired with Intel® Xeon® Gold Processors.

How am I charged?

For hourly plans, if your machine is powered off, you will not be billed. Monthly machines have a flat rate per month regardless if the machine is on or off and that is about 1/2 of the full monthly rate.

Where are the servers located?

All servers are hosted in in Romania in a professional grade datacenter. There are multiple 20 Gb uplinks available and data is stored on redundant drives.

How do I cancel my account?

Shut down your VM to stop the billing. Send us a cancellation request to fully cancel your account.

Stadia is cheaper. Why would I choose you?

Stadia locks you in. You can take your saved games from Auxilio at anytime. You can install any games you want. You run them on our infrastructure instead of buying the latest gaming PC just for you but your own yous games and can download your full data at any time.