Auxilio AI focuses on providing GPU-power for high-performance computing, machine learning, rendering and more. The servers are optimised for software that is required for machine learning and training of neural networks (Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc.). Users can install their own software. The service is popular among render projects based in Blender, Maya, Octane Render, CFD and various scientific calculations (ANSYS, Altair, MSC, etc.).

Our Mission

Accesible, self service and efficient cloud computing made possible through modern GPUs based on Quadro RTX, Tesla V100, GeForce GTX 2080 Ti with flexible hourly pricing and continuous services integrations.

Auxilio has some of the most efficient GPU infrastructure in the world. We can offer cost efficient and reliable services for machine learning, visual effects rendering, big data analytics, storage, and cognitive computing.

We are in the process of aquiring the certification attesting that our facilities are among the greener ones you can find.

Our offices are located in Bucharest, Romania with facilities in Bucharest, Tulcea and Targoviste and Iasi. We will be happy to see you visiting us.

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Bucharest, Romania

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