Render it faster with the Nvidia Ampere A6000 GPU

One Windows 10 Machine with NVIDIA A6000 GPU together with a 16 Core Xeon CPU, 32 GB of memory and fast NVME + SSD storage. Starting at 0.8$ per hour with storage and bandwidth included.


Run all the heavy software from anywhere with your personal workstation in the cloud. Access it from a laptop or mobile device anytime.

Virtual Workstation

  • 24 Core Xeon 3.0 GHz CPU
  • Nvidia A6000 Professional GPU
  • 48 GB ECC Memory
  • 120 GB NVME Operating System Disk
  • Up to 2 TB Storage
  • Bring your own licenses
  • Installation and setup support
  • Simple pricing

Top-of-the-line technology stack powering modern infrastructure.

Virtual Machines with NVIDIA Professional Cards

Billed per Hour, Week or Month. Available for Organizations and Companies.

Configuration with 1, 2, 4 or 8 cards are available. Pricing is a multiple of the base price regardless of the GPU type. Ubuntu, CentOS or Windows VMs.

Hourly Billing is Coming Soon, only weekly and monthly commitments are available at the moment.


Create your own supercomputer in minutes and enjoy better performance when you need it, all for less. No need to spend a fortune on a new professional workstation. Your files and workflow are synced seamlessly.


Shared scalable cloud computers for remote teams, studios, archwiz companies and educational institutions. Enjoy the service enabling you to work together seamlessly despite being located in different places.


No fuss, no shiny features that you do not need. Use the software you already know, bring your Dropbox folder and get the job done. Sweet pricing and stellar support to get you up to speed and finish your render fast.

All rendering VMs come with an extra 250GB of storage space for free.


How am I charged?

For the A6000 cards priced starting at of 19.99 per day. Start a demo and move to weekly or monthly plan if you need more time. Hourly billing is coming really soon. You do not pay extra for the 200 GB included extra storage for your files. Bandwidth if included for the rendering machines.

All our GPU servers are hosted in Germany and Romania in professional grade data centers. There are multiple 20 Gb up-links available and data is stored on redundant flash drives.

We do not offer a free trial, but you can request a full refund if you’re experiencing technical issues. You’ll receive a refund within 5 – 10 business days.

Send a cancellation request in your account to fully cancel the service. You will not be billed from the next billing period on (hour, day or month) and until them you can download any data you want from your machines – all your files will still be there.

Get in touch and let’s see what are your organizations needs and how can we help. We support educational, academic and research groups with cloud resources.

BYOL is a licensing model that allows customers to use their own software licenses on third-party cloud infrastructure, rather than obtaining the license from the cloud provider. This is often used by users or businesses with existing licenses who want to use them on a cloud platform.

We do provide the latest Nvidia drivers, Dropbox, Google Drive, Chrome, Firefox, 7zip, FileZilla. You will have to install professional software yourself – Blender, Lumion, Adobe Suite, Autodesk, 3DS, etc.

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