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CPU Rendering

CPU rendering or pre rendering happens when the PC uses the Central Processing Unit as the primary piece for its calculations. This technique is used mainly by the movies producers and architects.

GPU Rendering

Likewise, GPU rendering or real-time rendering happens when the PC uses a Graphics Processing Unit as the primary source for calculations. It is primarily used in the video gaming industry, as there you have to render from 30 to 120 frames per second to get the best experience.

Types of Rendering

There are 2 types of rendering: CPU and GPU (real-time) rendering, the difference between them being the difference between these two components themselves.


It can’t be denied that GPU rendering is so much faster than CPU rendering, because of this component’s features.


However, the second type of rendering is more accurate when it comes to getting results from extremely complex texture algorithms and lighting.

Nevertheless, only in the most complex situations the visual differences can be noticed.Rendering depends on the CPU or GPU. Therefore, the more efficient your computer’s CPU or GPU is, the better, as it will heavily reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the process.

The motion blur effect may be used to mislead the human eye into making things look better.

Because of technology’s fast development, the constraints of GPU rendering will not be there anymore. That’s exactly why, with every new console generation, the video games are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of visuals and not only.

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Auxilio offers private, dedicated and high-performance GPU servers. You will not have to worry about interruptions, lags or malfunctions.


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You can access your data from anywhere, without any restrictions. Moreover, you can access our servers from remote desktop or virtual desktop environments.

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You can use our GPU system to create yourself both beautiful images and animations. Sounds good, isn’t it so?

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All of these at the lowest price possible! You can start with as little as 1$/ hour and the best part is that you only pay for what you’re using.

Virtual Workstation with Nvidia RTX 6000 GPU

Simple Monthly Subscription. Get it while in beta as hardware goes away fast.

160 Hours Reasonable Usage Monthly. Crypto Mining usage is not permitted.

Rendering is a complex process which has as result the creation of stunning images and animations. There are two types of this process, GPU and CPU rendering. While the first one is used mainly for video games and is faster, the second one is used for creating more accurate representations of reality. Depending on your project’s type, any of these two can be a good choice for you. At the same time, Auxilio offers amazing opportunities for your rendering process and you can start by paying as little as 1$/ hour for GPU rendering.