Optimal price-performance for GPU workloads

Our GPU compute A Instances are up to 30% cheaper than alternatives on AWS or Google Cloud, while providing more resources, unlimited bandwidth and  storage included.

ProviderPlanTFlopsCuda CoresGPUsGPU MemGPUGPU architectureHourlyMonthly
AWSp2.xlarge4.112496112GB GDDR5NVIDIA® Tesla® K80Kepler (2014)$0.9000/h$648/mo
Googlec2-standard-16 + NVIDIA® K80 GPUs4.112496112GB GDDR5NVIDIA® Tesla® K80Kepler (2014)$1.2852/h$925/mo
Auxilio AI1x.a600016.314608148GB GDDR6NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000Ampere (2021)$0.8/h$499/mo
Auxilio AIp2.8xlarge4.11 x82496x8812GB GDDR5 x8NVIDIA® Tesla® K80Kepler (2014)$7.200/h$5184/mo
Googlec2-standard-60 + 8x NVIDIA® K80 GPUs4.11 x82496x8812GB GDDR5 x8NVIDIA® Tesla® K80Kepler (2014)$6.7321/h$4847/mo
Auxilio AI8x.a600016.31 x8 4608 x8848GB GDDR6 x8NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000Ampere (2021)$6.4/h$3992/mo

Machine Learning and Deep Learning on-demand

From data exploration to building and training your machine learning model across a GPU cluster and deploying your model to production, our GPU instances can cover the full life cycle with a framework that suits you best TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe2, Pytorch, Keras, Scikit-learn and many more.

Optimize costs and performance, with maximum computational power, on demand at your fingertips with Auxilio AI‘s GPU-compute instances.

3D Modeling, Video Editing and Rendering

Our GPU-compute instances can be accessed provide virtual desktop environments or remote desktop.

Our GPU remote desktop solutions are equipped with powerful graphic processors – NVIDIA QUADRO RTX 6000 with 24GB of video memory.

HPC powered by GPU compute Instances

Use Auxilio AI GPU instances for general purpose GPU compute workloads in an instance. Whether you use OpenCL or CUDA, our Q-instances are ideally suited for high performance databases, computational finance, molecular modeling, seismic analysis, protein folding, genomics research and other server-side workloads requiring massive parallel floating point processing power.

Our instances are equipped with local high-performance SSD storage attached included.