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Start Your Cloud GPU Gaming Experience With Auxilio!

The world has changed, people have changed and so have the games we’re playing. Online gaming has become more and more addictive and it’s becoming better and better. More and more game platforms have become available and gamers are going mad over this change. The industry of gaming development gets even more money than before and they’ve become international. The future of the game industry seems bright, both for the producers and for the players.  In the meantime, the PCs we’re used to can’t keep up with all the new games that are appearing on the market. That’s why you need to get yourself a cloud GPU gaming server, one that works the best for your gaming needs. So try now Auxilio and let yourself experience the smoothest adventure when it comes to gaming! In other words, you can play games without getting interrupted by lags or any other type of problem. How much of your time can you dedicate to this?

Cloud GPU Gaming as an alternative to your (old) PC

We have to admit that with all this technology, the PCs that were built 10 years ago can’t keep up with all these rapid changes, no matter how many times we upgrade their hardware. On the other hand, there’s a solution: game streaming through a server, where you keep all your data. It works faster and better than a PC, because the servers get updated pretty often. That’s what Googles Stadia does (and other providers as well). While there are yet some PC games that still work, the modern ones, like Call of Duty (the last version) will not offer you the best experience on a PC as it does on a Cloud GPU Gaming Server. In the long run, cloud games have some great benefits, too. First of all, you can spend as much as you want on the product, without having to pay a lot in advance for it. And you only pay for what you are using. The cost is pretty low, compared to what we could get if we were to buy a PC, which you have to constantly buy other upgrades for, if you don’t want to experience lags. Another reason for getting started with cloud gaming would be that all that you need is an internet connection. However, be careful to have a powerful internet connection, otherwise, the gaming server will stop working when you are enjoying the games the most. cloud gpu gaming Nevertheless, there may be some input latencies, as the clicks that you make are firstly sent to the server, only afterwards they “come back”. So rapid shooting games may not offer you the same experience. But this shouldn’t worry you if you have a great server provider. In other words, there are some games designed for PCs and games designed for cloud gaming. But each video gaming experience is different. If you get a gaming pc that is brand new, you might have to pay lots of money for it. But if you want a quick solution, then cloud GPU gaming is definitely the solution for you. So before you play any game, make sure you know what works the best for each type of game. Therefore, rent now your virtual private space and start playing!

Gaming Platforms to choose from

Googles Stadia is the first gaming platform that comes to our mind. It has a pretty good reputation, as it is made by Google. However, there are still some games that are not available on this platform, which isn’t really great news. Nevertheless, we believe that, over time, things will improve and this situation will change.   XBOX, on the other hand, has more supported games. There you will find a wider variety of games, as well as a better gaming experience. In fact, almost everyone was complaining about Google’s Stadia, that they didn’t have the experience they desired for. And XBOX seems a better alternative.   While there are many alternatives in fact (another one would be GeForce Now cloud gaming), these two are the most popular cloud streaming services. They are all based on cloud GPU gaming, which will turn your average gaming experience into an awesome one that you will not forget.

Cloud Gaming PC with 1 Nvidia RTX 6000 GPU

Simple Monthly Subscription. Get it while in beta as hardware goes away fast.

160 Hours Reasonable Usage Monthly. All type of jobs and programs are permitted.