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We hear people talking about AI and how it changed the world. But how did it exactly do so? Is AI the biggest revolution in technology or just a simple change it will get ignored within the next few years?

The first reason for which AI is indeed the biggest revolution in technology is that everyone started investing in it and, what’s more, studies show that the countries that don’t do so risk failing the evolution game. Moreover, the impact of artificial intelligence is noticeable especially in IT, agriculture, research and many other domains, including data science.

AI Practical Uses

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For example, deep learning can be used to successfully complete an image classification task. The more data you feed the machine, the more accurate its results and predictions will be. That’s why it’s called Artificial Intelligence. Because it was created by humans. The robots that we created are unlike us because they miss the part of distinguishing the good from the bad, they miss consciousness. For them, a task is a task that must be completed, either in order to be rewarded or in order to simply finish it. 

Another useful example would be the search engines, like Google, and social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. They use Artificial Intelligence in order to offer their users a better experience on their platforms, in order to make more and more money from the advertisers. A practical example would be that, at the beginning of your Facebook journey, the Ads that are served to you aren’t that accurate.

However, they tend to become more and more specific and Facebook shows you ads that you might be interested in. That’s because the more data you feed the AI algorithm, the more precise it becomes at predicting. The same goes for Google and Instagram. Machine learning is, in other words, suitable for data scientists, researchers, engineers, NGOs and everyone who wants to train a deep learning model on their own.

Affordable cloud GPU for Gaming – when it comes in handy

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People love playing online and offline games, depending on the taste in games for each person. Maybe some people want to play Sims 3, while others would die to play Diablo II. Nevertheless, some of us simply can’t afford a good PC that doesn’t have lags. That’s when an affordable cloud GPU comes in handy – it helps us play the game that we desire without a very high cost, if the right GPU instance cloud provider is chosen.

When GPUs help you

Nowadays, everyone who knows how to train their own deep learning model can do so. All they need is a computer powerful enough to do the required tasks. Moreover, everyone who wants to play a high definition game can do so. That’s when GPUs come in handy. Assuring the best deep learning framework, they are everyone’s favorite choice, as they reduce the time spent working on a single project maybe to even hours instead of days.

Moreover, the algorithm will not experience any interruptions if a GPU powerful enough will be used, instead of using only CPUs. Not to mention the bare metal servers, who have been replaced by the cloud GPU cloud services.

But what is a GPU?

GPU stands for “Graphics Processing Unit” and is that part of the computer that makes possible the AI tasks and modern gaming. But not only. GPUs are used for rendering and ray tracing, transcoding etc. They are really great at parallel processing, which means that they separate a big task into smaller ones and they complete them all at the same time. Being more performant than their predecessors, the CPUs, GPUs are definitely the game changer that this world needed in order to become more evolved.


CPU means “Central Processing Unit” and is a very important part of any computer. Without it, it simply wouldn’t work. However, a CPU alone can do only a few operations at once, while the GPU can perform many more at once. When it comes to rendering, both of them are used. Nevertheless, if you use CPUs for rendering, the process will have more accurate results, while, if you use GPU for rendering, the process will take a shorter amount of time, but will not be as successful as the first one.

Just one more important thing to mention: the difference between these two results is barely noticeable. So if you want to reduce your working time, you then should definitely consider using a GPU server for your rendering projects.

Is Google Clouds an affordable Cloud GPU server?

google colab

You’ve probably heard about Google. Did you know that it also offers high quality GPU cloud instances? It also offers Jupyter Notebook integration, along with Tesla V100 (NVIDIA V100) GPUs on their server, which are among the most sought after of their kind, along with other NVIDIA QUADRO models (NVIDIA T4). But being in their data center also has its own risks, as they are going to use your profile and create a model after that.

Nevertheless, you can build a perfectly working algorithm in the virtual machine that Google offers, but only for a limited time, if you don’t want to upgrade your account. In other words, they offer 300$ credits for a month, which expire afterwards. If you are looking for the lowest cost, Google’s services are definitely not your choice.

Among the cheapest cloud GPU services but high quality GPUs- Auxilio

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Auxilio’s services provide a fair alternative to Google’s GPU system. See it for yourself:


We have 4 different packages, each of them is suitable for a specific type of project. For smaller projects, we’d recommend the first two types. However, for bigger projects we’d recommend the last two packages.

happy client

16 TFLOPS in the small package and 16×31 TFLOPS in the big one. So that your AI or gaming experience is always the best.

cloud storage

4608 and 4608×8 CUDA Cores, so that you will not experience any interruption. Basically the best cloud compute services ever. And up to 4TB of cloud storage.

operating systems

2 operating systems: Linux and Windows, so that you can choose whichever suits you best. 

To sum up

Artificial Intelligence has been the change that mankind needed. With its help, many new technologies, sites, search engines and social media itself were invented. And a good part of AI is based on the GPUs functionality. While there are many affordable cloud GPU providers, Auxilio seems to have better pricing options and offers a better quality of services. Ready for getting started with Auxilio?

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