Auxilio AI $500 Grants

We are opening up some of the infrastructure for researchers with $500 Grants.

You can apply for one month, one GPU q.4xlarge instance for free (worth $ 480) and after using the credits you can apply for the second phase of the program, the q.16xlarge instance (worth $3840). You will also get $ 680 in credits for future use on the platform.

The current Phase I will get you a 16 vCPU Xeon Gold with 32 GB RAM and 1 x Nvidia Quadro RTX6000 24GB plus the 80GB OS disk. The instance can have up to 1 TB of attached volume and comes with unlimited bandwidth for the whole month.

Apply below and we’ll get in touch to let you know if your project is eligible for the $ 480 Grant.

The offer is limited to 8 machines and eligibility is based on the impact your research project will have. Our team will select some of the applicants and get back by email. Only one instance per project is eligible.

We are interested on how you will use this machine to improve our infrastructure future to better server our community.

Please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions.