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GPU Rent Online Services – Start with as little as 1$/hour with AuxilioArtificial Intelligence tasks require more than a simple computer and, more importantly, more than the conventional CPUs, which are no longer able to keep up with the increasing requests for model training and deep learning. The Graphic Processing Units are 100-200 times faster than the CPUs.
We offer GPU clouds services which are made for machine learning purposes and which have unique features.
You can therefore use any type of Virtual Machine that we have to offer for at least 1 hour and you will only pay what you will be using from our dedicated server.Depending on the type of services you wish to provide, all the alternatives can be suitable for you, may it be the ‍Q.4XLARGE, Q.8XLARGE, Q.12XLARGE, or the Q.16XLARGE package. For smaller projects, the first ones are the most recommended. However, our clients’ favorite choice is the Q.12LARGEQ package, as it is even more flexible.

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