Play anything using Moonlight

  1. Order a Cloud Gaming VM – 1 Windows machine with 1 Quadro RTX 6000, 48 GB RAM and 16 Cores CPU.
  2. Go the Attach the RDP and Moonlight security groups to your machine.
  3. Login into your Cloud Gaming PC using the Console
    1. Install the Nvidia Drivers
    2. Install GeForce Experience
    3. Install Moonlight Internet Hosting Tool to test your connection
    4. Set GameStream on using the Console, in GeForce Experience / Settings / Shield
    1. Install Steam or your games directly (you can download then on a separate partition to save them in case you delete the gaming PC)
  4. Go back on your Laptop / Mac and Install the Moonlight Client
  5. Configure your preferred settings (FPS, Bandwidth ,etc)
  6. Add the public IP of you Cloud Gaming PC and pair GameStream


  1. To exit a gaming session in Moonlight, click on Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Q (for Windows) or Option + Cmd + Esc on a Mac
  2. To quit Moonlight completely, type Esc
  3. Under Moonlight the mouse movement is optimized for games. Use the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol for other office tasks.

Cloud Gaming PC with 1 Nvidia RTX 6000 GPU

Simple Monthly Subscription. Get it while in beta as hardware goes away fast.

160 Hours Reasonable Usage Monthly. All type of jobs and programs are permitted.